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Rosa Papa Meillan
Rosa Just Joey
Rosa Just Joey


Fence, The Coorong, South Australia.
Fence leading into the Coorong, South Australia.
Fence post Coorong, South Australia.
Remains of timber fence, The Coorong, South Australia.
Fence posts, Coorong, South Australia.
Old decaying fence, The Coorong, South Australia.
Old  fence, The Coorong, south eastern South Australia.
Posts, Coorong, South Australia.
Highway, South Eastern South Australia.
Old fence, Coorong, South Australia.


Brickworks Billabong, Merbein, Australia.
Algae in Brickworks Billabong.
Aerialalgal patterns billabong
Brickworks Billabong, Merbein, Australia.
Mineral stained beach, Lake Tyrell
Colourful beach, Lake Tyrell, Victoria, Australia.
Mineral stains on shoredline of Lake Tyrell.
Patterns in saline shore liine of Lake Tyrell.
Lake Tyrell, salt lake, Victoria, Australia.
Lake Tyrell, Sea Lake, Victoria, Australia.
Lake Tyrell salt lake aerial
Aerial of patterns in Lake Tyrell salt crust.
Aerial of patterns in Lake Tyrell salt crust.


Cold front, Yelta, digitally altered
Weak cold front Yelta, Victoria, Australia
Aphids on rose bud.
Macro photo of Aphids on rose bud.
Ant searching for food on rose leaf.
Ant on rose leaf


Passing storm, Mildura, Australia
Snow Pea seed pod
Close-up of snow pea pod on bush.
Hail damage vineyard
Native flowers growing in sand drift, Australia.
Thunderstorm passes over vineyard.
Waitiing for a tram, wet day in Melbourne.
Street scene Melbourne, wet day.
Daily commute Melbourne

Earlier 2020

Domesticated kangaroo.
Snow, Mt. William.
Cold front approaching
Weeds in Path.
Pathing with Oxalis grass
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